Birds of prey are charismatic and provide an excellent framework for building top-quality educational tools. In the past years our team has been approached by several K-12 teachers who have worked with us to develop lesson plans based on our work. When possible those lesson plans are posted here, so that they may be broadly used by teachers nationwide.

Jessica Reed Roach, a high-school math teacher in Connecticut, has developed a lesson plan entitled "Collision course?: golden eagles and the development of wind energy" that uses golden eagle migration data to teach basic math principles. This lesson plan is available for use, as long as you reference Jessica and also let us know that you have used the plan (e-mail me). We also have several supporting pieces of information for this project. Included are four different maps (migration map no data, migration map with data, migration topo map no data, migration topo map with data). Finally, also useful for this project is information on the eagles tracked and the raw tracking data essential for teaching the relevant mathematics (note that because of limitations to what I can upload here, the raw data are stored as a text file; save this file on your computer and then change the .txt extension to .csv and then MS Excel will correctly format and open this file).