Ph.D. The Ohio State University      
B.S. Morehouse College

I am a post-doctoral fellow in WVU's Prof Doc Program. I have a dual appointment in Geology & Geography and Biology, but my research interests involve collaborations with other departments including Forestry and Natural Resources.

My research focuses on human impacts on species abundance and persistence, particularly how local communities impact endangered and threatened species. My dissertation research focused on the impact the the Bishnoi people (picture) of Rajasthan, India had on Indian vultures (Gyps indicus), blackbuck antelope (Antilope cervicapra), and the Khejeri tree (Prosopis cineraria). The Bishnoi practice a unique "conservation centric" religion that is positively associated with the presence of key taxa in rural Rajasthan. I plan to continue this work as a postdoc while pursuing similar interests in the U.S.