Golden eagles are rarely seen but widely distributed in eastern North America. Over the past 7 or so years, collaborators of our research team have put telemetry units on large numbers of golden eagles and we have helped to track them. This web page shows some of those data. You are welcome to use these data as they are, but we would ask you to let us know if you do use them and for what purpose.

As you look at these maps, note that they are built by phenological season, not by true year. So 2009 starts during spring migration of 2009 and then includes some data from winter (post fall migraiton) season 2010.

Finally, we have used two types of telemetry systems to track golden eagles. Our original tracking was done with satellite telemetry - units that get fixes of variable quality at hourly or even 4-hourly intervals. More recently most of the telemetry we do is by GPS-GSM telemetry. These units collect GPS data at shorter time intervals (usually about every 15 minutes, but sometimes as fast as every 30-seconds) and then they send these data over the mobile phone network (GSM). Maps below are based on these two types of data sets. 

Year GPS-GSM - Map #1 GPS-GSM - Map #2 Satellite Telemetry
2006 GOEA Movements - 2006
2007 GOEA Movements - 2007
2008 GOEA Movements - 2008 GOEA Movements - 2008
2009 GOEA Movements - 2009 GOEA Movements - 2009
2010 GOEA Movements - 2010 GOEA Movements - 2010
2011 GOEA Movements - 2011A GOEA Movements - 2011B GOEA Movements - 2011
2012 GOEA Movements - 2012A GOEA Movements - 2012B GOEA Movements - 2012
2013 GOEA Movements - 2013 GOEA Movements - 2013